About Universal Naturals Institute for Hair

UniForHair Staff
       Hello From UNIForHair! Thank you for your learning interest! We provide complete, quality training in various Natural Hair, Braids and Loc techniques.
      Our staff is created out of passion for natural hair while delivering professionalism in all areas of questions and concerns.
There are 3 learning tiers in our Natural Hair Care and Braiding Course:
2) Hands On Classes
3) Marketing and Business Strategies.
     This institution will enhance and empower you with invaluable knowledge and techniques to propel your professional journey to greater heights.
    UNIForHair was birthed out of creative, next level thoughts. We have various forums in each CLASS and COURSE to create brighter destinies for all who enter UNIForHair!
Each One Teach One Until We All Have The Knowledge And Power! Blessings flow!

Universal Naturals Braider's Handbook


Our History

     Universal Naturals Institute For Hair was founded in 2012. This endeavor was the next logical step for Universal Naturals Salon owner, Miss L.V. Burks.


     She envisioned teaching and certifying talented individuals with a passion for natural hair.


     After 25 years of pouring knowledge into her clients, there was a burning desire to see her knowledge duplicated professionally and taken to new heights.


With her Cosmetology Instructor License, Ms. Burks penned a multitude of custom classes while integrating the Natural Hair Care and Braiding Course and the rest is history!
Blessings flow; Miss L.V. Burks

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